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Black Widow Frontosa
Black Widow Frontosa
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Black Widow Frontosa

Difficulty - Intermediate
Personality: Aggressive towards conspecifics
Latin Name: Cyphotilapia frontosa sp.
Common Names: Black Widow or Panda Frontosa
Adult full size: 14”
Minimum Tank Size: 90 gallons
Water Parameters: ph 8.0 -8.4
Safe for Planted Tanks: No
Foods: Kelp pellets, cichlid pellets

This is a frontosa cichlid with a pattern mutation. Frontosas originate from Lake Tanganyika in the eastern part of Africa. As is the case for all African Rift Lake cichlids, this fish requires a higher pH and cannot be mixed with most other freshwater fish. They generally grown quite large and can live up to 25 years. This variety has been aquacultured (selective breeding) to bring out the unique blotch pattern. The blue highlights on the fins do fade as they mature, but the body pattern remains. A large tank with rocky hiding places are a must for this fish. Frontosas generally do well in groups as opposed to being kept alone. All African cichlids require extra filtration and water flow as well as excellent maintenance (regular cleaning). Good water quality and appropriate housemates are most important to keep this species healthy. Please read our LIVESTOCK SHIPPING POLICY carefully before placing your order.
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