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Longhorn Cowfish
Longhorn Cowfish Longhorn Cowfish Longhorn Cowfish
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Absolutely Fish Naturals

Longhorn Cowfish

Difficulty: Expert
Temperament: Peaceful
Latin Name: Lactoria cornuta
Adult full size: 8"
Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallons
Reef Safe: No
UV Required: Recommended
Protein Skimmer: Recommended
Foods: All Meaty Prepared Food

The Longhorn Boxfish is a tan and yellow fish with white and blue dots that originates from reefs in the Indo-Pacific. Uniquely shaped, this fish would be a great addition to a larger peaceful, fish-only aquarium. This fish can technically go into a reed tank with caution. May need to upgrade the tank as this fish grows larger. Be careful as this fish will release a deadly toxin when stressed or when it dies. This toxin will affect other fish in the aquarium, so extreme caution is recommended.

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