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Yellow Lab
Yellow Lab Yellow Lab Yellow Lab
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Yellow Lab

Difficulty - Beginner
Personality: Semi-aggressive to Aggressive
Latin Name: Labidochromis caeruleus
Common Names: Electric Yellow Lab, Yellow Labido, Lemon Yellow Lab, and Lemon drop Cichlid.
Adult full size: 5”
Minimum Tank Size: 45 gallons for adults
Water Parameters: pH 8.2
Safe for Planted Tanks: No
Foods: Omnivorous; high quality cichlid pellets, as well as meaty frozen foods (once or twice a week)
This is one of the most popular African cichlids because of the beautiful yellow coloring. Yellow Lab originates from rocky areas of Lake Malawi in Africa. It is an “mbuna” or rockfish. They are not as aggressive as other African Cichlids, which makes them a good starter cichlid. The Yellow Lab’s will sometimes school in tight groups. Adults are piscivores and are ambush predators, and as such cannot be mixed with smaller fish. Multiple males cannot be housed together, but multiple females can be housed with one male. They will do well in an mbuna tank with lots of rocks, caves and hiding places. All African cichlids require extra filtration and water flow as well as excellent maintenance (regular cleaning). Good water quality and appropriate housemates are most important to keep this species healthy.
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