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Aiptasia Treatment in Reef Aquariums

Sep 17, 2021 Absolutely Naturals Admin

Do you have annoying pest anemone appearing on your live rock or coral frags? Best get in there early and eradicate them! Today, Caleb and Cam show how to use Aiptasia X to manually remove the invading anemone, plus show a few reef safe animals that can help maintain lower numbers as well.

How to control the Marine Reef Aquaria Pests Aiptasia pallida

Sep 13, 2021 Absolutely Naturals Admin

It is well known that Aiptasia pallida are one of the most common pests found growing near precious zoanthids, euphyllia, acans, etc. It is quite easy for these anemones to infiltrate anyone’s tank;  they can ev...

Fragging Coral for Beginners: Green Star Polyp

Aug 30, 2021 Absolutely Naturals Admin

oday Eric dives into the fragging of an easy beginner coral: green star polyp (GSP). For more information visit our website at Products seen in this video: GSP Frags- ttps://