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Why Order Aquacultured Coral and Frags?

Nov 01, 2021 Absolutely Naturals Admin

Episode Four of our Frags Coral Zoas series is here! This time we take you on a full walkaround of our new aquaculture lab, showing off the advanced equipment and animals that separate us from the rest. Interested in any of the corals, fish, foods and equipment in our videos? Go to to order your reef tank needs!

Reef Nutrients for Frags, Corals and Zoas

Sep 27, 2021 Absolutely Naturals Admin

First are essential elements and minerals like calcium, alkalinity, magnesium and trace elements which can be supplied with many of the products found in store and on our site. It’s important to maintain proper levels of these parameters in order to facilitate proper health, color and growth particularly in stony hard corals which require these elements in order to grow.

Aiptasia Treatment in Reef Aquariums

Sep 17, 2021 Absolutely Naturals Admin

Do you have annoying pest anemone appearing on your live rock or coral frags? Best get in there early and eradicate them! Today, Caleb and Cam show how to use Aiptasia X to manually remove the invading anemone, plus show a few reef safe animals that can help maintain lower numbers as well.