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Top 5 Nano Reef Supplements

Apr 11, 2022 Brishen Bowles

We have tried just about every reef product on the market, and we have used our experience to come up with a list of our top 5 Nano Reef supplements.

Species Spotlight: Kuhli Loaches

Mar 28, 2022 Brishen Bowles

Kuhli loaches make excellent bottom-feeders for the peaceful freshwater aquarium. If you’re looking to add these adorable and unique fish to your tank community, check out this blog for the basics!

Top 4 Beginner LPS Corals

Mar 21, 2022 Brishen Bowles

If you're interested in keeping LPS corals, but struggle with more difficult types like Gonioporas and Euphyllias, try out any of these 5 species for some better luck! Our top coral associate goes into a little detail on some different species, and what is necessary for the best success!