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Twinspot Wrasse
Twinspot Wrasse Twinspot Wrasse
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Twinspot Wrasse

Difficulty: Beginner
Temperament: Peaceful
Latin Name: Coris aygula
Common Names: Clown Coris, Twinspot Wrasse, Humphead Wrasse
Adult full size: 24"
Minimum Tank Size: 120 gal (Possible upgrade needed)
UV Required: No
Protein Skimmer: No
Reef Safe: Yes, With caution
Foods: LG ABN Pellets, Krill, Squid, ABN Mysis, ABN Trifecta, Marine cuisine

The Twinspot wrasse or Clown coris is an awesome fish that is white with black dots and two vibrant orange spots as a juvenile. This fish completely changes color as it grows into an adult. This fish should be moved in a larger tank with a thick established sand bed. The Twinspot wrasse can be added to a reef tank with caution as they will not bother coral, but will hunt down hermits, snails, and shrimp. A large FOWLR tank is ideal however this wrasse grows very large, however they will take years as they are slow growers and you will need to upgrade as they mature. The Twinspot wrasse will turn into a dark blue colored fish with a hump on the head as they reach adulthood. Make sure to have a secure lid on the tank as this fish can jump. Best to house this fish with large peaceful, semi aggressive fish as a juvenile. Can be moved to a more aggressive community as a large adult. Feed a variety of meaty foods along with vitamin enriched pellets.

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